LG TV turn off Quick Start in settings

This post describes how to turn off Quick Start on an LG TV.

This is one way to resolve the error "This app will now restart to free up more memory" sometimes seen on LG TVs.


The process to turn off Quick Start on my LG TV is as follows:

1. Press the Settings (cog icon) on the remote control, this opens the side settings menu on the right hand side of the TV screen.

2. Go down to All Settings (the three dots icon that turns into a cog icon on the screen) then click.

3. Go down until you reach General (the cog and spanner icon)

4. Press right then down until you reach Quick Start+ (note: you may need to select Additional Settings before doing this on some LG TVs).

5. Toggle Quick Start+ to the off position (the circle should slide to the left):

LG TV turn off quick start in settings

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